Author: Inger Wästberg

TV 4 från utställningen i New York

Smyckekonsten är en del av konstvärlden och är mycket mer än dekoration, kommenterar Helen Drutt English. Det var roligt att få curera denna utställning på R&R Gallery i New York – och att så många centrala personer i New Yorks kulturvärld kom, liksom att budskapet gick fram. Det kontaktnät jag byggde upp under våra år i New York är fortfarande till glädje.ör-succe-i-usa-3912982

Breakthrough – Utställning i New York

Den 3 maj öppnar utställningen BREAKTHROUGH -som jag curerar – i New York “Breakthrough: Swedish Art Jewelry Today”   Debuting in the US the work of five important Swedish contemporary jewelers. Opening and Artist Reception, Wednesday, May 3rd, 5-8pmExhibition Continues Through June 25th For Immediate Release- “Breakthrough: Swedish Art Jewelry Today” will highlight the work of 5 contemporary Swedish jewelers who are redefining the field in their country and bringing attention to it globally. The exhibition is co-curated by Swedish curator and scholar, Inger Wästberg. Each of these artists’ work is grounded in traditional metalsmithing and inspired by historical jewelry yet their vocabulary includes a wide range of materials and techniques. The majority of their work is far from the silver jewelry that is perceived as typically Swedish. Yet these artists link contemporary jewelry to the rich heritage of work in silver. Their jewelry is beautiful and unconventional, always wearable and with strong references to traditional jewelry. Ingrid Bärndal works with traditional goldsmithing techniques and says “the things I can achieve with polypropylene I can not do with metal”. For Agnieszka     Läs mer

Mycket nytt på gång

Tiden flyger. Förra vårens projekt ”Smyckekonst 2016” med Nationalmuseums utställning ”Open Space – Mind Maps” i Kulturhuset blev en framgång.  Samtidigt som den pågick kunde besökare på 21 ställen i Stockholm ta del av den spännande samtida smyckekonsten. Under senhösten samlade jag igen de sex museerna som varit med under projektet, Svenskt Tenn och Konstfack för en uppföljande diskussion. Alla var entusiastiska och ville göra en ny satsning på smyckekonst 2018. Så kommer att ske i mars efter den stora utställningen Schmuck i München. Jag har själv åtagit mig att igen göra en utställning till Svenskt Tenn. Projektet väckte internationell uppmärksamhet och jag har därigenom fått flera olika uppdrag som jag kommer att ägna mig åt under våren. Först två juryuppdrag: ADA Amberif Design Award 2017 i Gdansk i februari och Preziosa Young Contest där resultatet kommer att visa under FJW, Florence Jewellery Week i slutet av våren. Där gör jag också en mindre utställning och håller en föreläsning på Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School. Det italienska intresset har också lett till en utställning –     Läs mer

Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery

Moving back to Sweden, I began to study art history and received a master’s degree. I chose to concentrate my writings on contemporary Swedish art jewelry. In the fall of 2013, I published my book, Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery. ” Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellry is a far cry from what is perceived as typically Swedish. Today’s jewellery artists engage with and reflect on problems in society using a material vocabulary that goes far beyond precious metals and gemstones. This book explores how art jewellery has taken its rightful place in the world of contemporary art. Jewellery historian Inger Wästberg has produced a volume that serves as a reference source for curators, collectors and other artists. Thirty-one Swedish jewellery artists are represented from the 1990s to today, with an introduction by Inger Wästberg and a foreword by David Revere McFadden, chief curator at the Museum of Arts and Design i New York City. “ Three exhibitions, with the book as the starting point, have been curated by Sofia Björkman in Munich, Båstad and Gothenburg. See more     Läs mer

Art Jewelry at the
National Museum 2016

Almost 30 years ago, the exhibition “Den internationella smyckekonsten – Nya Smycken New Jewellery” (The International Art Jewellery – New Jewellery New Jewellery) at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm. It presented a new art jewelry that grew in Holland, England and Germany. Jewelry had gone from being purely decorative and a status symbol. The jewelry that was shown at the Kulturhuset represented a changed perception, jewelry associated with artistic content and expression. Communication was pivotal and the new jewelry stood in contrast to the minimalistic and modernistic artistic idiom that characterized Swedish art jewelry, after the war. Art jewelry has successively made great strides towards other visual art. Education in art jewelry at the Academy of Design and Crafts (HDK) in Gothenburg was meaningful. There, in 1996, the first professorship in art jewelry, in the Nordics, was established. The 2004 name change of the education at Konstfack from Metal Design to Ädellab (precious lab), also sent a signal. In summary, art jewelry has strongly developed and Swedish jewelry artists, to a great degree, are part of     Läs mer

600 Park Avenue

1999-2005 I lived in New York, accompanying my husband, Olle Wästberg, who was the Consul General at that time. I had to endure some criticism, as I had left my job to follow along to New York. For me, it was not a difficult decision. Since the end of the 1960s, I had been in New York every year and had long wanted to live there. We arrived at a fantastic residence at 600 Park Avenue, but it was a bit rundown and oddly decorated. In every kind of public relations work that I had previously done, it had been important for the message and the environment to harmonize. I refused to talk about access in facilities that were not so adapted. To highlight Swedish design and to speak from the worn Persian rugs, felt wrong. Newer designs were lacking. With the help of sponsors and Konstfack, I succeeded in converting the residence into an arena for Swedish design, food and culture. This work is documented in books such as, ”Sverige i New York” (Sweden     Läs mer

Munich/Båstad/Gothenburg 2014

Based on my book, Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery (2013), three exhibitions were held with the book as the starting point, curated by Sofia Björkman in Munich, Båstad and Gothenburg. INBJUDAN Above: Auli Laitinen Above: Yasar Aydin Above: Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding Above: Agnes Larsson

KB 2011

Art jewelry has come closer to the art world. Jewelry’s ability to communicate and bear witness of great craftsmanship makes them works of art. Here there are parallels to artistically oriented photography. Internationally, art jewelry has developed into an independent art form, known as Studio or Art Jewelry. Every year the major exhibition, Schmuck, is held in Munich with around 50 different exhibitions around the city, and the Die Neue Sammlung exhibits, in a large jewelry section, jewelry as art. The Museum of Arts and Design in New York has a permanent jewelry section with modern jewelry, since its move to Columbus Circle. Artists from different genre have, for centuries, found inspiration in nature. Flowers, leave, butterflies, snowflakes and birds return as motifs in traditional jewelry. Today, often unconventional materials are used in art jewelry, where the absolute value in weight and material cost are of lesser importance. There is a beauty in the excitement between attraction and renunciation that jewelry artists can use in artistic idioms and choice of materials. In Sweden, women have     Läs mer